About Loft

About Infinitely LOFT

Infinitely LOFT is a subscription rental service that's like having 24/7 access to your dream wardrobe. Hundreds of LOFT looks are only a click away, all for one flat monthly fee, subject to
the Terms of Service.

Love trying new trends, or keeping it classic? Either way, you'll find something (or lots of somethings) you'll love. Looking for petite, tall or curvy sizes? We've got you covered.

Rent, return, repeat and never get bored with your closet again.

About Loft

About LOFT

LOFT creates modern, feminine, and versatile clothing for a wide range of women with one common style goal: to look and feel confident, wherever the day takes them. From everyday essentials to attainable trends, LOFT consistently serves up color, print, pattern and novelty that never compromises on quality and fit.

Our History

Launched in 1998, LOFT has stores in Canada, Mexico and most U.S. states.

Our Mission

LOFT's purpose is to be a broadly embracing, positive force for women—loving, inspiring and championing her optimistic, emotional approach to living.

About Loft